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Solon7 is designed to provide a support for children and young adults as they develop self regulation skills to enhance their learning experiences and daily lives.

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The seven guiding principles of Solon7 are used to promote the overall holistic wellness, for all to practice.

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SolOn7 Founder

Charlene Brown earned a Bachelor of Science degree as a Human Development major at Howard University. She went on to complete Boston Teacher Residency, a Masters program for educators in Boston, Ma. She has been working to serve families and children in communities in Boston and Washington DC. as a dedicated educator for the last ten years.

The need for a program like SolOn7 has been inspired by the many children that she has serviced throughout her ten years as an educator. It was initially difficult for Ms Brown to teach skills for reading and math while having to scrape for time to provide these skills that will be useful forever. Overtime, she's grown to realize that her purpose isn't just in a classroom setting alone. But also utilizing my teaching skills in an everyday setting.


The fabric of this program is evident in the lives of the children and people Solon7 inspires daily. And Ms Brown hopes to continue to encourage and affect change in lives for as long as she's able to. 

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