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Seven is the number of completion.

Sol is the personification of the Sun.


SolOn7  serves as a representation of one's inner light, inner being that thrives on the level of ultimate potential and operates in completion.




According to the research found by Center for Disease Control and prevention (CDC)an estimated 1.9 million children between the ages of 3-17 have faced depression 1.9 million children have been diagnosed with depression and 4.4 million with anxiety. Research states that 4.5 million have some sort of behavior complication.These numbers are staggering and should not be ignored.

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SOLON7 Mission

The fabric of this program is evident in the lives of the children and people Solon7 inspires daily. And I hope to continue to encourage and affect change in the lives of plenty, for as long as I am able to. Through my experience as an educator, I believe Solon7 has its place and is meant to mend the broken connection between one's mind and body.  



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